BOOKS | The Dream of Nikias and Meliti

This archaeological tale is based on the “Pythia”, or otherwise the contests that begun to be organized at Delphi in the 6thcentury B.C. and were repeated every four years, without ever coinciding with the year of the Olympic games.

 Nikias and Melite are two musicians who meet at the sanctuary of Delphi with the occasion of the musical contests. Nikias represents the Dionysian spirit in music, seeking victory (νίκηin greek means victory) in similar competitions, while Melite represents the Apollonian spirit, seeking through her compositions always to express the lyricism and emotion. Their confrontation before the judges and the spectators at the theater of Delphi presents two different kinds of ancient greek music, that cannot easily be combined in a musical composition. Eventually Nikias and Melite will manage to combine the two kinds of music, bringing at the same time together the two powerful gods of Delphi: Apollo and Dionysus.

Through storytelling, original music and songs, with ancient reconstructed lyre, the public gets acquainted with one of the four biggest festivals of ancient Greece and at the same time it learns the different facets of global language music, which through the centuries is strictly combined with the cultural heritage of Greece.

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