Events in Schools

Since 2015, the Archaeological Tales have been presented to both public and private schools throughout Greece, either with the form of a theatrical play or as an occasion for a further acquaintance of children and educators with the ancient greek culture.

As a theatrical play, children as well as adults receive in a simple, pleasant and unique way knowledge about various archaeological sites of Greece and their most important finds.

As a presentation, the Archaeological Tales offer to children and educators, through e.g. games created on the principles of an excavation, the opportunity to familiarize with museums and archaeological sites by researching and creating new stories.

Educational Actions:

  • The children choose a find of a museum (e.g. a vase, a statue, a sword, a necklace, a fresco) with the help of illustrated cards and try to explain why they made the certain choice.
  • The children create their own story, based on an archaeological find, collecting information about the era it belongs and imagining which other finds could have been discovered with it at an excavation.
  • The children get acquainted with ancient greek games by e.g. coloring spinning tops, or playing marbles.

Please contact me in the email so us to organise a performance or a presentation for the students and teachers of your school.